Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Folklore From Wales: How Water Lilies Began

A Long time ago, there lived a poor farmer with his wife. They had a son name Huw. He was a good boy. He was diligent and obedient to his parents.

Every day, Huw always herded his cows to eat sme grass. Huw had a favorite place. There was a place full with grass and it was next to a lake. Huw often watched his cows while playing his harp under a big tree.
Huw loved playing his harp and he was so good at it. He played it beautifully and anyone who heard how he played the harp would love it very much.

One day, Huw was playing his harp and suddenly six beautiful cows rose out of the lake! Huw could not believe what he saw. Six cows really came from the water and then approached Huw.

The six cows here so beautiful. They loved to hear how Huw played the harp. After it was almost dark, How stopped playing and guided his cows to go home. The six cows from the lake followed him.

At home, Huw immediately told his parents about the new six cows. "You won't believe what happened to me this afternoon.While I was playing my harp, suddenly six cows came from the lake," said Huw.

"Where are the cows now ?" asked his father.

"Follow me," said HUw.

"Wow ... They look wonderful," said Huw's mother. She looked so happy. Huw's mother was so happier when the six new cows gave her more milk than other cows. She asked Huw to really take good care of the new six cows.
The new six cows always followed Huw. They always listened attentively when Huw played his harp.

The family started to have better life. They had more than enough milk and started to make some money from selling it. Huw's mother never god bored to remind Huw to pay attention to their new six cows.

"Listen, those six new cows give us lots of milk. You have to make sure they are always in good condition," said the mother.

Unfortunately the new six cows suddenly stopped giving them milk. The mother was so upset but she did not know what to do.
"If they cannot give us milk, we have to do something. We have to sell them," said the mother.

Huw was so sad to hear that. He loved those six cows because they always listened to him playing the harp.
"Please, Mother ... don't sell those six cows," begged Huw.

Sadly, Huw's Mother had already made her mind. She still wanted to sell those six cows.

Huw ran to the lake and brought his harp. The six cows followed him. He played it so melancholically. It was a very sad song. Huw could not hold his tears any longer. He could not control his emotion, he threw the harp to the lake.

After he threw his harp to the lake, strangely the six the six cows also jumped to the water. Huw was screaming, asking them to go out of the water. However, it was useless. The cows disappeared. Amazingly, he saw flowers grew in the lake. They were so beautiful. People the named them Water Lilies.

Source Media INdonesia, 09/02/2014

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