Friday, 15 August 2014

The Fox and the Hedgehog FOLKLORE FROM FINLAND

THE Fox and the Hedgehog were best friends.
Wherever they went, they were always together.
Did they always help each other? Well, not really. The Hedgehog was kind and very helpful.
He was always willing to help his best friend. On the other hand, the Fox was very tricky. He only wanted to think about himself. When he got food, he always hid it and ate it by himself. He did not want to share it with the Hedgehog.
The Fox was so lucky to have the Hedgehog as his best friend. The Hedgehog always forgave him though the Fox sometimes treated him badly.

It was a hot day. The Hedgehog and the Fox were hungry.
“Let's go to the vineyard and steal some grapes,“ said the Fox.
The Hedgehog looked closely at him. He did not believe what he said.
“Are you kidding? The farmer put some traps there! What if we are caught?“ the Hedgehog walked away. He was not interested in his best friend's idea.