Saturday, 25 October 2014

How the Mouse King Chose a Bridegroom for His Daughter

ONCE upon a time, there was a kingdom of mice. The Mouse King was wise. He had a daughter. She was very beautiful. The Mouse King thought it was time for his daughter to get married. He really loved his daughter. He wanted the best one that could be his daughter's husband. The Mouse King was desperate. He thought, “I will let anything to be my daughter's husband as long as he can make her happy.“ The Mouse King called all his advisors. He wanted to ask their opinions.
“Please tell me, how can I choose a bridegroom for my daughter. She is very special to me and therefore she deserves to get the best one.“

One advisor said, “Your Majesty, the Sun is the most powerful creature in the universe. The Sun gives us life, light, and warmth. I think the Sun deserves to be the bridegroom for your daughter.“ The Mouse King smiled. He was happy with his opinion. Suddenly another advisor spoke. “Excuse me, Your Majesty, the Cloud is more powerful than the Sun. The Cloud can hide the Sun.“ “All right, I will marry my daughter to the Cloud,“ said the Mouse King. Another advisor spoke, “Your Majesty, the Rain can wash away the Cloud.“ Before the King spoke, another advisor spoke, “Your Majesty, the Rain cannot wash away the big and tall Tree. So the big and tall Tree is more powerful than the Rain.“ Another advisor spoke, “Your Majesty, I think the Wind is more powerful than the big and tall Tree. The Wind can blow down any big and tall Trees.“

Another advisor spoke, “No matter how strong the Wind is, it cannot blow away the Land, Your Majesty.“ “Your Majesty,“ said another advisor. “Look at this palace. We cannot see the Land because it is covered with the Wooden Floor. I think the Wooden Floor is better than the Land.“ The King was happy. He said, “I will marry my daughter to the Wooden Floor.“ There was the oldest advisor.He had been quiet and just listened to the other advisors' arguments. The Mouse King was curious.

He looked at him and said, “Why didn't you say something? What is your opinion?“ The oldest advisor spoke, “The mouse is more powerful than the Wooden Floor. No matter how strong the Wooden Floor is, a Mouse can gnaw through it. A mouse can make holes in the Wooden Floor.“

The Mouse King looked at the oldest advisor carefully. He was so happy with his opinion. “You are absolutely right. The mouse is the most powerful creature in this universe! Therefore I will let any young powerful mouse to be the bridegroom for my daughter!“ Soon, the Mouse King held a competition. He later found the best and the most powerful young mouse. The Mouse King held a great party and he invited all the mice in the kingdom to have fun in the party. Media Indonesia, 26/10/2014, Halaman : 20

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