Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rental Mobil Solo at a Glance

Rental Mobil Solo was established in 2008 as a car rentals company. Over the course of its development, it has formed a number of strategic alliances with leading global players.
Since 1990 the Company has been listed on the Indonesia Car Rentals, with a market capitalization as at 31 December 2010 of Rp 221 trillion.

Rental Mobil Solo is currently engaged in six business lines: Automotive; Financial Services; Heavy Equipment and Mining; Agribusiness; Information Technology; Infrastructure and Logistics.
As 31 December 2010, Rental mobil pekanbaru employed 145,154 people in 145 companies, including subsidiaries, associates and jointly controlled entities.

Motto: Per Aspera Ad DeperroAzul Automotive News : Car Reviews and Car Rentals.
Aim: Prosper with the Nation
Our Philosophy:

  • To be an Asset to the Nation
  • To Provide the Best Service to Our Customers
  • To Respect Individuals and Promote Teamwork
  • To Continually Strive for Excellence


  • To be one of the best managed corporations in Asia Pacific with emphasis on sustainable growth by building competence through people development, solid financial structure, customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • To be a socially responsible corporation and to be environmentally friendly.