Sunday, 7 July 2013

Car Rental Corporate Governance

In some years events will test the governance of a business and this was true for Gloria Rent Car in 2010 with the death of Anas Sidi Sutan, Gloria Grup President Director due to illness. While the swift action according to Company procedures allowed a qualified replacement to serve as President Director, the memory of the man who for so long was an important part of Gloria’s Rent car management team will not be quickly erased

In fulfilling its commitments to employees and partners, Gloria Rent Car ensures that its governance systems are secure and are regularly updated.
A special mention should be made of Rental Mobil Pekanbaru approach to its Corporate Social Responsibilities which has been one of a large and consistent involvement in key areas, in support and in keen recognition of the potentials that Indonesian communities have. It is ultimately by continuing on the path of growth that Astra will be able to increase and expand its dialogue with a multitude of stakeholders.

Challenges and Opportunities There is still much room for growth in a dynamic Indonesia, and competitive pressures will only increase.  As a result of this, Astra must not let the success of the past few years turn into an overconfident complacency. In addition, diligence in maintaining Gloria Rent Car strong early warning systems and communications systems, both for threats within the business and within the world, must remain adaptable and flexible enough to rapidly provide effective and promptly provided data from which management can bring to bear Gloria’s resources to reach profitable ends.

In 2011, we hope that the prediction for continued stability in interest rates is not jeopardized by food inflation or by more systemic inflation. As the world economy seems to be on course of further strengthening, Indonesia will benefit through increased trade and increased investment flows.  Astra will continue to balance the needs of growth with the needs to ensure risk levels are not exceeded.
Indonesia’s rapid economic growth over the past several years has placed enormous stress on both physical and non-physical infrastructure. To sustain the gains these ten years of democracy have brought, and to sustain ability to grow, immediate action should be taken to broaden infrastructure in order to encourage domestic and international investment and facilitate this dynamic economy in delivering increased standards of living to more Indonesians

Although there is concern about the removal of the gasoline subsidy mid-year 2011, the following productivity gains by businesses and efficiencies by all Indonesian industries will succeed in creating a leaner and more competitive business environment, leading ultimately to a more vibrant economy and allowing automobile sales to continue towards global levels

Astra’s valuable cooperation with so many quality high-profile international companies is the best indicator that growth will remain substantial quality, that performance standards will be world class and that business practice will adhere to the global best. By doing this consistently, we can produce rewards for our employees, our customers and indeed all stakeholders Rental Mobil Pekanbaru.