Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Story Of A Man And An Eagle, Folklore From Albania

It was a very hot day. A young man was huntng in the jungle. He had been looking for some animals for hours. Sadly, he did not see any of them.
The young man was a goog hunter. He was very skillful in using his bow and arrows. He never missed his target. Unfortunately that day was no his lucky day. He Could not find any animals.

"Where are they ? Where did they go?" asked the young man to himself.
He kept on looking for the animals. He walked and walked until he was lost. He arrived in the mountains. It was getting dark, the young man wanted to find a good place to rest.

"I cannot continue now. It's too dangerous. I have to find safe place to spend to night. Tomorrow morning, I will find out which way to go home," thought the man.

While the young man was looking for safe place, suddenly he saw an eagle flying above him. The eagle was so big. The young man saw something in the eagle's beaks. It was a bing snake.

The young man was so curious. He carefully followed the eagle. The eagle landed at a crag. It had a nest in that crag. A moment later, the eagle flew and left the snake in its nest.
The young man carefully  climbed the crag. He found the eagle's nest. He slowly approached the nest. He saw en eagle was playing with the snake. The young man flet here was something strange. He carefully looked at the snake.

"Gosh! the snake is still alive!" screamed the young man.
Suddenly it stirred and revealed its fangs. The snake was ready to pierce the eaglet wih its deadly venom.
The yoyng man immediately took put his bow and arrow and killed the snake.

After snake was dead, the young man took the eagle and started to find his way home.
While was walking, suddenly he heard the eagle screaming. Yes the eagle was able to talk to humans!

"Hey! What are you doing with my child? Bring back my child now!" screamed the eagle.
"This eagle is min. I saved it from the snake. Thanks to me, your child is safe and aliv3," said the young man.

The eagle looked so sad. "I did not know the snake was still alive. Listen, please give back my child. As a return, I will give you rewards," said the eagle.

"What rewards?" askde the young man.
"You will have my power. You can see sharply and you will have powerful wings," said the eagle.

"How?" asked the young man. He did not to be your guardian. He will always fly above you. Guard you and tell you what he sees." said the eagle.

The young man agreed. He have back the eaglet to his mother. After the eaglet grew, he always flew above the man. The eagle always told him what he saw.

With the help of the eagle, the man was able to kill some beasts in the jungle. He was also elected him to be their king. They also called the man as 'Albanian', which means son of the eagle. Their place was known as Albania or Land of the Eagles.

Source Media INdonesia.