Friday, 15 August 2014

The Fox and the Hedgehog FOLKLORE FROM FINLAND

THE Fox and the Hedgehog were best friends.
Wherever they went, they were always together.
Did they always help each other? Well, not really. The Hedgehog was kind and very helpful.
He was always willing to help his best friend. On the other hand, the Fox was very tricky. He only wanted to think about himself. When he got food, he always hid it and ate it by himself. He did not want to share it with the Hedgehog.
The Fox was so lucky to have the Hedgehog as his best friend. The Hedgehog always forgave him though the Fox sometimes treated him badly.

It was a hot day. The Hedgehog and the Fox were hungry.
“Let's go to the vineyard and steal some grapes,“ said the Fox.
The Hedgehog looked closely at him. He did not believe what he said.
“Are you kidding? The farmer put some traps there! What if we are caught?“ the Hedgehog walked away. He was not interested in his best friend's idea.

The Fox walked faster. He stopped the Hedgehog. He said, “Listen, we have to be careful. If we are caught we will help each other, right? Come on... aren't you hungry?“ begged the Fox.
The Hedgehog thought deeply. Yes, it was true that he was also hungry. However, he was still worried about the farmer's trap. He finally said yes.

“Remember, we have to help each other when one of us is caught by the trap!“ said the Hedgehog.
“Yes, I will help you,“ said the Fox happily.

Soon, they went to the vineyard. When they arrived, their mouths were watering.
The vineyard was full of ripe grapes. The Hedgehog and the Fox immediately ate the grapes.
While they were enjoying the grapes, suddenly the Fox was screaming in pain.
“Ouch! My foot!“ The Fox was caught in an iron trap! “Please help me,“ cried the Fox.
The Hedgehog approached the Fox.

He was so sad to see his best friend's condition. He tried to release the Fox's foot from the iron trap. Sadly, it was too strong. After trying several times, the Hedgehog gave up. Luckily, he had an idea.
He said, “Don't panic! When the farmer comes, you just pretend to die. You must play dead! After that, you fart as hard as you can. That way, the farmer will think that you are dead and your body is decayed.“
Later, the farmer came. He was so happy that he caught a fox.

Then, the Fox farted. The farmer smelled it. He thought that the fox had died and it started to decay. He threw away the fox body. After the farmer was gone, the Fox immedi ately went home.
Several days later, the Fox and the Hedgehog came back to farmer's vineyard. While they were eating the grapes, the Hedgehog was screaming in pain. “Ouch! My foot!“ Gosh... the Hedgehog was caught in an iron trap.
“Please help me,“ said the Hedgehog.

Sadly, the Fox ignored him. He prepared to leave the Hedgehog.
“Wait! If you help me, I will share you my grapes. I have lots here,“ said the Hedgehog.
The Fox was happy to hear that. He approached the Hedgehog and tried to grab his grapes. The Hedgehog immediately held the Fox's body tightly.
The Fox said, “Release me!“ “No! You have to stay here!“ yelled the Hedgehog. He finally learned that the Fox was not his best friend.

The Fox tried to release his body however the Hedgehog was holding him too tight.
The farmer finally came! He was so surprised to see a hedgehog and a fox. He released the Hedgehog from the iron trap. He was so upset with the Fox. He thought the Fox had died.
This time he wanted to make sure that the Fox would die. The farmer killed the Fox! How about the Hedgehog? He escaped and went home safely. Media Indonesia, 8/10/2014, 18