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How the Old Woman Got Her Wish

How the Old Woman Got Her Wish FOLKLORE FROM INDIA
A long time there lived a poor old woman. She lived in a hut with her son and her daugh ter-in-law. Her son and her daughter-in-law did not have any children yet. The old woman was blind. However she was always happy. She always felt grateful with her life.
Everyday she prayed and thank God for everything she had in her life.

Ganesh, one of the Gods, felt sorry for her and wanted to grant her wish. One night, he came to her and say, “Dear Old Woman. You are very grateful. You always say thanks to Gods for everything you get. Therefore, I will make your one wish come true. You can ask anything.Choose wisely.“
The Old Woman was so happy. She thought deeply and said, “Dear God. I already have everything. I don't want to ask anything.“

Ganesh replied. “You can ask your son or your daughter-in-law. Maybe they know what you want.“
Later the old woman talked to her son and her daughter-in-law. Her son said, “Ask for wealth, Mother.“

However, her daughter-in-law had different opinion. She said, “Please ask for a grandchild, Mother. Your son and I really want to have a baby.“ The Old Woman was still not satisfied with the answers. So, she went to her neighbor and asked for her opinion.

“Ganesh will grant me one wish. I asked my son and he asked for wealth. I also asked my daughterin-law. She asked for a grandchild. I'm confused, what do you think I should ask?“ The neighbor said, “Why don't you ask for your own benefits?“ “What do you mean?“ asked the Old Woman.

“You are blind. Why don't you ask Ganesh to cure your eyes so you can see clearly again,“ said the neighbor. The Old Woman thought deeply. She said, “I don't know. I think I'm already happy with my life.“

“I know that. But remember, if you can see again, your life will be happier,“ explained the neighbor.
The Old Woman went home. She kept on thinking what to ask for Ganesh. She finally had an idea.
“I know what to ask!“ said the Old Woman happily.
On the following day, Ganesh came to her. “Do you already know what you want to ask?“ “I do,“ said the Old Woman happily.

“Tell me,“ asked Ganesh.
“My request is simple. I want to see my grandchild drinking milk from a golden bowl. Please grant me that wish.“

Ganesh smiled. He said, “You are very clever and wise. You asked for three wishes. Not only your own wish but your son's and your daughterin-law's wishes.“
He continued. “Because you are always grateful, I will grant those three wishes.“

Ganesh indeed made her wishes came true.The Old Woman got her sight back. She could see clearly again. Later, her daughter-in-law was pregnant. They then moved to a bigger house. They were very rich. They even had golden bowls. Sumber : Media Indonesia, 19/10/2014, Halaman : 21

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