Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Water Snake

FOLKLORE FROM RUSSIA , THERE was an old woman who had some daughters. They were beautiful and helpful. They were also obedient to their mother. The girls enjoyed spending time in a pond.The water was fresh and clear.The girls liked to bathe and swim in that pond.

One day, the girls were spending their time in the pond.They did not know that a snake had been watching them. The snake was the ruler of the pond. It was not an ordinary snake.The snake had magical power. The snake carefully approached one of the girls' dresses. Later he lied on the dress.

The girls had finished bathing. They started to wear their dresses. Suddenly one girl cried. She was the youngest girl. “Look! There is a snake lying on my dress!“ She used a stick and tried to make the snake leave. Unfortunately the snake just stayed. It did not move at all.

The girl was upset. She yelled, “Go now! This is my dress!“ Surprisingly, the snake talked. “I will leave but you have to promise to marry me!“ All the girls were surprised. The oldest girl whispered to her youngest sister. “Why don't you just say yes? After all, how can a snake marry you?“ The girl thought her sister was right. So she said, “Yes, I will marry you.“
Later the snake slowly left them and went back to the pond. All the girls immediately went home.
The youngest girl told her mother about the snake. The mother was upset. “You said what?

What if the snake really wants to marry you?“ The girl was silent. She did not know how to answer her mother's question.
Well, what the mother worried finally came true. The snake came to their house. He was not alone! The snake was accompanied with his snake soldiers.

“I'm here to bring you to my palace in the pond.We will marry there,“ said the snake.
The girl had no choice. She helplessly followed the snake to the pond. When they arrived at the pond, the girl just stood at the dike.

The snake said, “Jump now!“ The girl was so scared. She jumped and the snake followed her. Surprisingly, the snake changed as a handsome man and the girl was able to breathe under water. Soon, they arrived in a beautiful palace. There were lots of people waiting for them. Later they got married and then they had two chil dren, one boy and one girl.

The girl one day told her husband that she missed her mother. She wanted to bring their children to visit her mother. The husband allowed her. He said, “Af ter you visit your mother, you have to come back soon. Go to the pond and wait at the dike. Call out my name. Osip, Osip.. please come here. After that I come to bring you and the children back to this palace.“

Later the girl and her children went to her mother's house. The old woman as so happy to see her missing was so happy to see her missing daughter. She was even happier to see that she had grandchildren. On the following day, the girl wanted to go home, however her mother did not let her go.She asked and begged them to stay one more day.Her mother also asked the girl how she went back to the pond. The girl said, “I just have to say, `Osip, Osip. Please come here.“
When the girl and her children were sleeping, the old woman went to the pond. She brought a sharp axe! Later she called, “Osip, Osip...please come here.“

Soon, the snake came and the old woman immediately chopped the snake's head. The snake died instantly! On the following day, the girl told her mother that she would go back to the pond. Her mother let them go. When they arrived, the girl called, “Osip, Osip... please come here.“

They waited and waited but the snake did not come. Suddenly, they saw a snake's head. The girl was crying. She was so sad to see her husband died. With the magical power that her husband gave to her, she changed herself and her children into birds. They flew away and never returned. Media Indonesia, 9/14/2014, page 21