Tuesday, 30 September 2014


A long time ago, there lived a husband and a wife in a hut.They were old. They did not have any children.
One day, the old woman was washing their clothes in a river. Suddenly, she found a big peach. She was so happy.She carefully brought it home and planned to eat it with her husband.
The old man was also happy to see the big peach. He immediately cut the peach. When the peach was split into two parts, they found a baby boy inside the peach! The baby boy was crying loudly. The old couple was confused and did not know what to do.
“Maybe he is hungry,“ said the old man.

Well, they did not have any baby food, therefore the couple gave him rice. The baby ate the rice very fast. Soon, the baby was relaxed and slept.

The old couple was still confused, however they were also very happy. Their dream to have a child finally came true.They named the baby boy Momotaro. Momo means peach and Taro is a common Japanese boy's name.
Momotaro grew as a very strong kid. He was a kid but he had a power just like an adult. Everyday, he became stronger and stronger. Soon, he became very famous. Everybody knew him as a wonder kid, a kid who had a strong power.
Though he was famous, Momotaro was still humble. He was polite and very helpful and never misused his power.
One day, Momotaro heard that some ogres would come and attack them. Momotaro was angry. He wanted to stop them. He planned to go to their island and killed those ogres.
The old couple did not agree. They were worried that the ogres would kill Momotaro. However, Momotaro convinced them that he could handle those ogres.

The old couple was helpless. They just prayed that their beloved son would come home safely.
Momotaro started his journey. A dog asked him where he would go. Yes, Momotaro was able to talk to animals. He told the dog that he would go to ogres' island. The dog asked if he could join him. Momotaro said yes.
Later, Momotaro met a bird and a monkey. After they knew that Momotaro would go to ogres' island, they asked if they could join Momotaro. Momotaro said yes. Later, Momotaro gave the dog, the bird, and the monkey a special cake. The cake would give them strong power.
Later, they arrived at the ogres' island. They found a castle. The gate was locked. The bird flew over and unlocked it from the inside.

When they were inside the castle, the ogres attacked them. Momotaro fought bravely! The dog bit the ogres and the monkey scratched them. The bird used his beak to attack the ogres.
The ogres gave up! “Please, stop! We give up , “ begged the ogres.
“We will stop but you have to promise not to come to my place and hurt the people!“ yelled Momotaro.
“We promise,“ said ogres weakly.
Later, Momotaro and the animals went home. The old couple welcomed him happily. They were grateful that their son came home safely. Media Indonesia, 09/28/2014, page 20